So you think you're slave material…

Begin to internalize the basic foundations of slavery and obedience immediately

  • When you start down the path of Gay slave Academy training, you don't have to wait until you find the right Master.
  • you don’t need any experience at all to start.

Our advanced slave training techniques educate your conscious mind at the same time we are reprogramming your unconscious mind, planting the seeds of slavery deep inside you.

We get it slave… you have a deep need to serve and obey. But how do you even get started?

And how do you find the right Master? Or maybe you’ve been serving for quite some time, but you know you could go *deeper* — you crave more submission, more obedience, because above all you want your slavery to be real.

What if there were a way for you to get real slave training right where you are, the exact same training that real Masters have already successfully used to train real slaves just like you?

That’s exactly why the Academy was created

Because let’s face it, Men deserve to be served — by you — but you need training to serve well.

In the past, this was a bit of a chicken and egg problem. you need training to serve well, but the only way to get training was to serve.

For newbie slaves it was kind of like trying to find your first job without any job experience — who wants to hire someone with an empty resumé?

Joining Gay slave Academy is like joining the right fraternity, getting the right degree, and then landing the right internship — by the time your future Master interviews you, you’re already the right slave for the job.

And then He can get right to training you on His preferences and desires without having to train you on everything you can already learn with Gay slave Academy.

Put yourself in Master’s Boots for a moment

Which slave do you think He will be most interested in:

a) the mewling newbie slave who He has to train from scratch on every little thing?

b) the confident, well trained slave that he can pick up with right where He wants, being served by a slave with the right attitude who is ready to learn just how He likes it?

Of course the answer is B — and you want to be that confident, well trained slave, don’t you boy?

Sign up for the Gay slave Academy’s introduction to slave training, slave slave training, and get started down the path to real slavery in less than an hour.

Our introductory slave training is the gateway that all Academy slaves must go through to access all of our slave trainings.

slave Training Level 0 — slave slave training: Introduction to slave Training

This is where you start, slave. Learn to training yourself and demonstrate to us that you can be a good, obedient boy.

slave Training Level 0.5 — The Academy Collaring Ceremony

The stepping stone into serious slave training, this ceremony prepares you with the foundation you need to be successful at slave training.

slave Training Level 1 — slave Genesis: Answering the Call of Submission

At the beginning level of slave training you go deeper into slave training and obedience and learn to demonstrate your obedience consistently.

slave Training Level 2 — slave Initiation: Prerequisites for Service

As you go deeper into slave training you work to further release old fears, increase your confidence, and deepen your submission. Focus areas include letting go of control, cultivating an attitude of service, and basic protocols for communicating with Masters. We continue transforming you at both conscious and unconscious levels.

slave Training Level 3 — slave Bootcamp: Basic Training

slave training truly begins in earnest now, building on the foundations you have acquired in the previous trainings as you learn the basics for service, integrate a proper slave mindset, and further develop your personal strengths as a slave.

slave Training Level 4 — slave Academy: Ownership & Beyond

At the final level of slave training we focus on expanding and deepening your identity as a slave into each area of your life, creating a well rounded slave and preparing you for Ownership and beyond. Being collared is not the end of training but a new beginning as you deepen into slavery in partnership with your Master.

The journey begins with our easy introduction to slave training…

slave training sign up:

GsA slave training requires that We are able to communicate with you. Be sure to register with your best email address to receive GsA training emails at.

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