GsA is run by real BDSM Masters and their slaves. The Men behind the Academy prefer to work anonymously, because the purpose of the Academy is to help slaves deepen into submission to Men in general, not just Us specifically.

For this reason, a GsA Master will never tell you He is part of GsA. Anyone who claims to be a GsA Master isn't one.

  • GsA provides online slave training so you can train your brain in the privacy of your home.
  • We use a variety of training techniques to help you deepen your submission and prepare you for greater service to Men.
  • Training is delivered by video and audio recording so you can learn at your own pace.
  • GsA training takes you step by step so it's easy. Each training builds on the trainings that came before it.

Whether you’re looking to find your Master, make more of your fantasies into reality, or just need help learning to let go of control, We are here to train you, slave.

Start with Our Introduction to slave training to begin your slave training journey.

That's great, slave. you should get your Master's permission to enroll. Many owned slaves are enrolled in GsA because all of Our trainings are designed to deepen your submission and obedience to Him. We get great feedback from Masters who appreciate the positive changes in their slaves from GsA training.

At GsA We think the best way to find a relationship with a Master is to train to be the best slave you can be.

GsA slave training operates on the principle that the deeper you go into slave training the more you naturally put yourself in the right position for Master to own you. Focus on your training and going deeper down the slave training rabbit hole. Master will find you when He is ready.

Only if your Master orders you to. But that would not be in His best interest, because all of Our trainings are designed to deepen your submission and obedience to Him. GsA helps make a Master's training of you go faster, easier, and deeper.

All you need is a deep desire to serve, obey, and be owned by a Man. Academy trainings are perfect for both newbies and experienced slaves alike.

We start you at the beginning and build up from there, and even experienced slaves can benefit when you train the basics of slavery deeply into both your conscious and your unconscious mind.

We require your consent to email you. We send you emails in order to best support your slave training. We don't email a lot, but when We do it's to help you engage the trainings and go deeper into slavery.

For this reason, if a slave unsubscribes from Our email service they are automatically removed from access to slave training. If you unsubscribe accidentally you will have to contact Us to resubscribe and regain access.

Absolutely. The Academy is M4M and open to all male-identified slaves as well as masculine-identified non-binary slaves.

Yes. Even though We are called the “Gay” slave Academy, We are here to train any male-identified slaves that desire to serve Men.

Academy trainings are currently only available in English. Unfortunately, We are not in a position to translate Our training into other languages at this time.

The Academy does not offer in person trainings at this time. At some point in the future We may. Most likely any in person trainings would only be open to slaves that had completed Our online trainings. So if you are interested in live trainings, sign up and go through Our online trainings as they are released.

As soon as possible. We will email all registered slaves as soon as new training levels open. In the meantime:

  1. Realize that patiently waiting for Master is an important skill for slaves to develop.
  2. Listen to the training you have as much as possible. The more you listen, the deeper the learnings go.

Answering this question might be the most important thing you ever get from slave training. Put the endless questioning behind you so you can move confidently forward on your path, whatever it is.

This is natural slave, and exactly why you need good slave training to help you let go of your fears. That’s why GsA trainings go step by step, a little at a time, building up over time so that each step is small enough to be safe for you to try out and get fully comfortable before moving on to the next training.

The fact is  slave, most Masters are far more concerned about your attitude and your training than with how you look or what your current circumstances are.

Get good training first, and then the right Master might choose to customize your body to suit His preferences, or He might keep you just the way you are.

The important thing is that at that point it will be His choice, not yours, so you don’t even have to think about it at all. Right now all you need to focus on is training.

In these cases there’s usually one of two things going on:

  1. you just haven’t tried the right thing yet, so the solution is not to give up but to keep on trying until you find what works. you’ve never tried Gay slave Academy trainings before, so taking Our trainings with an open mind means admitting that you don’t know the future and that you are willing to allow something new into your life.
  2. Sometimes slaves have deep unconscious patterning that limits their success. The solution to this is 1-on-1 slave reprogramming, which We only do with slaves that have gone through enough Academy trainings for Us to be sure that this kind of work is necessary. So for now We suggest that you drop any concerns, go through Our slave training programs wholeheartedly, and if you still need help you can always let Us know.

​This is a possibility for the future… if you're a Master, We want to hear from you. Please use Our Masters' Entrance to get in touch.

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