Terms of Service for Gay slave Academy

Good boy for joining Gay slave Academy! Every company has its terms. These are Ours. By accessing GayslaveAcademy.com (GsA herein) you agree to be bound by these terms and by Our Privacy policy

Using GsA

All users (slaves herein) of Our site must be over 18 and able to legally make this agreement with Us. If your local laws prohibit you from accessing Our content then it is your responsibility to abide by them. you understand that GsA is for entertainment purposes only and will not be construed as therapy or professional advice from any professional service which may be governed by laws and professional bodies.


Consent is one of Our top Academy values because consent is what separates consensual Master/slave relationships from abuse. Nothing about GsA should be taken to imply lack of consent. All of Our trainings are designed to be engaged with full conscious awareness and participation. We tell you exactly what the goals of each training are and We are explicit that GsA trainings are not designed to lead you to do anything you don’t want to do. That said, it is your job to engage in your kink relationships safely and consensually.  

Academy Values & slave Code

We require all slaves to respect the Academy Values and abide by the GsA slave Code. Failure to do so, as deemed by the GsA Masters, may result in account deletion.

Email Policy

We require your permission to send you emails in order to facilitate your training. If you report Our emails as spam We may delete your account without warning.


We value hearing from Our slaves and are always interested to hear how We can improve GsA as well as how GsA has helped you. If you choose to submit comments, ideas, or feedback you agree that We can use them freely to improve or promote GsA without compensation to you.

The GsA Forums

The GsA Forums is Our community space and runs on the Heartbeat platform. Terms of service for using Heartbeat can be found here.

Refund Policy

We're only interested in being paid by enthusiastic slaves who are grateful for the opportunity to invest in their slave training (and would-be slaves who need to learn ASAP if slavery is right for them). If that's not you, We don't want your money and We don't want you to be unhappy with a purchase you don't need.

All slaves have the opportunity to go through Our free introduction so you can experience Our training style. you must complete the introductory training before you can purchase further trainings.

When you purchase a paid training on GayslaveAcademy.com, if you decide it is not right for you:

  • Just let Us know and We will issue you a full refund for your most recent purchase. 
  • If you would be willing to share with Us why you wish to cancel, We always appreciate feedback but it is not required.
  • If your reason for wanting a refund is that you learned through Our training that you are not in fact a slave, We will still give you a refund if you ask, but We don't think you should, and here's why:
    • First, if you figure out that you aren't a slave, you got exactly what you paid for. One of the explicit purposes of Our training is to help you figure out whether or not you are, in fact, a slave. 
    • Second, that knowledge is worth far more than what you paid for the training. When you consider how much time gets wasted and headaches caused (for both would-be slaves and the Masters they come on to) by guys who are confused about their possible status as slaves, We think you'll agree that being able to avoid all of that and focus on pursuing the kind of relationships you actually want without distraction is priceless. Feel free to send Us an extra tip to say "Thank You."

Account Deletion

To delete your account and related information, fill out the form at Request Account Deletion and We'll take care of it for you.

Be aware, if you delete your account you will lose any trainings you have purchased. If you sign back up at a later date, you will have to repurchase those trainings to access them.

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