i signed up for the training, and i’ve been listening to the first training audio file for weeks. Definitely addicted to hearing the voice and soundscape and to obeying and listening more.

i was skeptical at first, as i’ve never been affected by audio files or seen results from them, but somehow this file is actually rewiring me in subtle and significant ways.

i also have found more enthusiasm for pursuing this journey to be a better dog, a better object, and a more useful, obedient, eager slave. Grateful to have found this Academy and it’s training modules. i have a whole new outlook, and day by day have unlocked more insights into myself. Looking forward to going even deeper and learning more.


i didn't believe it could work. But after a week of intense training, i know who i really am. i am a slave who needs a Master to belong to as his property without compromise. i need a Master to guide me, to obey and to serve. i want to continue in GsA to be maximally prepared for my Master because it makes sense.


The entire training process is really easy to grasp and works wonders! It was amazing and surprisingly relaxing all the way. I urge other slaves to enroll themselves in Gay slave Academy! You won't regret it!


The Gay Slave Academy training is the best that i've ever come across. It's helped me understand and deepen my commitment to letting go of control and becoming a better slave. i don't know how any file could be better than this one.

Alain Rangel

A one of a kind experience. You’re not going to regret it, whether you are a new or are an experienced slave, this takes you to an understanding of your true nature, of what you really are and of what you were born to be: a slave. For me it was a ride of no return, being told what to do and let myself go with the tides of training.


So before GsA i was really confused about being into slavery, but after first lesson i was happy about myself. i realized that i like men and i like to serve them. Also i have more confidence now then before. i can say that my life is more in peace. Before i took a first lesson on GsA, i was always talking too much and didn't listen enough. Now i have started listening and obeying. i feel great about myself. Thank you Masters.


This is good training for any slave who wants to let that desire to serve come out. i am a slave from the top of my head to the soles of my feet so this training helped me to fall deeper into service. If you like serving real Men, licking their boots, taking their cock and you have never done that, then listen to this training file. It will deepen your desire to serve and you won't look back


This slave was questioning whether slavery was the right direction for itself. Now slave realizes that slavery has always been the right direction, and slave has merely been postponing the inevitable. slave enjoyed training itself to Master's words for hours on end. Through training, The Gay slave Academy has alleviated much of slave's fears about slavery, and slave is more confident than ever of its place at the feet of Men. The only regret slave has is that it didn't start sooner.

slave brad

As a slave who just started his slave training i can only say that training at the Gay slave Academy is a really nice and refreshing experience. The initiation really helps you to better understand your role in life and accept it. A truly positive atmosphere that has a focus on making a better slave out of you! If you are serious about exploring your slave identity while perparing to become the best slave you can be for your (future) Master, you should definately enroll!


There are so many things that have kept me spellbound, my slave friends. The Voice of the Dear Master is so impressive and admirable that It will certainly stay in your mind for a long time once you listen to Him. Besides, i've been continuously training into a total slave — it not only taught me the importance to obey and to serve Men, but also taught me to feel free to be myself — to be a slave. i have to thank The GsA for letting me find myself deep in my heart.


i think the thing i enjoy most about my experience with Gay slave Academy training was the moment i came to the realization that i truly am a slave. i no longer felt anxious about slavery and it was like the sun came out. From that moment i have only wanted to do what i can to do be a better slave for Master. i know that the Gay slave Academy will bring me to that place.


i have had an amazing time using GsA for the last few months. While i haven't found a Master yet, following along with the training has made me feel as if i was submitting to Master properly. i've felt a huge increase in my sex drive and response to dominant Men in my day to day life, feeling like i have come to grow as a sub and learn new experiences i wish to try when the oppurtunity presents itself to me.

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