GsA slave Code

The 9 points of the GsA slave Code are contextual to each Master/slave relationship. How an individual slave lives out each element of the Code is between that slave and its Master.

The points of the GsA slave Code are ideals to deepen into. A slave’s ability to live out the Code grows with time, experience, training, and dedication.

A slave strives to life a life of:


Master orders. slave obeys.


If obedience is the heart of slavery, service is the soul. Serving Master is a slave’s fundamental reason for being.


A slave is grateful for its slavery and every opportunity to serve. A slave cultivates this gratitude as a way of continually deepening into slavery more and more.


Slavery deepens beyond obedience and service when the slave gives itself over to Master. 

A slave gives itself over to Master more and more fully over time. 

Is there any limit to how deeply a slave can surrender to Master? There’s only one way to find out. 


A slave’s behavior and communication shows respect for Master at all times.


A slave cultivates usefulness to Master. A slave always aspires to be useful to and used by Master in both practical and entertaining ways.


A slave defers to Master’s opinion and judgment.


A slave is rigorously honest and open to Master. 


A slave treats other slaves as brothers and upholds the Academy value of Fraternity.

Ready to start living the slave code today?

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