Gay slave Academy Values

Love & Freedom

Our two highest values are inextricably linked because freedom without love is monstrous and love without freedom isn’t love. 

Freedom means the freedom to be what you are. GsA stands for your freedom to be a slave. This includes the freedom to be a slave who intensly desires and needs to be owned by the Man you call Master (or whatever term He prefers). 

The freedom to be what you are includes the freedom to love who you love, how you love. And love means the willingness to allow oneself and others these same freedoms. 

At its heart, GsA seeks to increase the freedom of Master- and slave-identified individuals to be themselves. We support you in being yourself more and more fully and authentically. This means being yourself without fear and without shame. It means being yourself with pride and love for yourself, your partners, and your community. 

This is a labor of love for Us, because We believe that anything that increases love & freedom in the world benefits us all. We believe that love and care are ultimately what fuel any sustainable intimate relationship.

It may seem paradoxical that we list Freedom at the top of Our values list. After all, as an Academy we are dedicated to the (consensual) enslavement of submissive men. But are submissive men as free to be themselves as they could be? Society emphasizes dominance, assertiveness, independence, and leadership as the only acceptable ways to be a man. This has limited the freedom of submissive men to be happy, submissive, obedient followers of their Masters.

Likewise, listing Love as Our top value may seem antithetical to those for whom “love” has no place in their M/s dynamic. And yet we support these M/s players as part of our community, because we love them and support their freedom too! 


Consent is what separates consensual Master/slave relationships from abuse. Gay slave Academy is about helping Masters & slaves have the kinds of experiences they want to have. 

In Master/slave relationships consent is often a plaything as much as a value. Many M/s couples derive great satisfaction from playing at the edges of consensual non-consent. We support the freedom of Masters and slaves to responsibly engage in this play with great care for each other. 

Safety & Trust

Our stance is that slavery deepens from a place of safety, not fear. Learning happens best when slaves feel safe. 

What about common BDSM themes like fear and force? Many Masters and slaves find these kinds of themes hot. Many incorporate elements of these themes into their play scenes or daily dynamic. While playing with fear or force can be hot, We don’t find them to be the most useful tools for slave training. 

We aim for long term, sustainable change in a slave’s behaviors, beliefs, and identity. In Our experience, when it comes to making changes like that, nothing beats safety and trust. And of course safety & trust should be prerequisites for playing with things like fear or force in the first place. 

Self-Identification and M4M M/s Space

GsA is a male-for-male (M4M) Master/slave training institution. As such, we treat terms such as “Master,” “slave,” “male,” and “man,” as identities not labels. This means that such terms are for each individual to identify with or not. These terms are not for labeling other people. 

This means that ultimately nobody else can tell you that you are or aren’t a Master, a slave, or a man without your consent. 

We also believe that the unique intersection of homoerotic attraction, male identity, and M/s identity requires its own unique spaces in which to learn, grow, and thrive. Gay slave Academy exists as such a space. 

Big Tent Approach

Gay slave Academy presents certain ways of doing M/s & slave training. It is important to note that these are some ways to do M/s, not “the” way to do M/s. We include and welcome as many variations and approaches to Master/slave relationships as possible. This is true even if we don’t always explicitly name or use these approaches Ourselves. 

We believe there is a Master for every slave. We recognize that for any Master, His ways of doing things might differ from some of Our ways of doing things. This is why as much as possible we seek to train slaves to have behavioral flexibility. So that you can serve your Master as best you can the ways He prefers. 


Gay slave Academy values and fosters brotherhood amongst Masters and slaves. We encourage a spirit of friendship, mentorship, connection and camaraderie. “Plays well with others” is a valuable trait in both Men and slaves. 

Becoming a GsA slave trainee means joining a brotherhood of slaves who are serious about their growth & development as slaves. 

Going deeper into GsA training means being part of a community of other slaves who have gone through the same training as you. 

Being a GsA slave marks you as “one of ours” to both Masters and fellow slaves. GsA slaves are expected to uphold Our Values and slave Code so that you always reflect well on the Academy. 

Carpe Diem

To Us as Masters a slave that does not serve is a slave wasted. 

We aim for Men to make maximum use of you because that’s what slaves are for. But only you can take the necessary steps to grow into service as the slave that you may become. 

There is an unfortunate story some would-be slaves live out and it goes like this: Day and night they fantasize about what it would be like to serve a Master. They fantasize about what it would be like to be Owned by Him. They wonder what it would be like to allow themselves to sink into submission. They long to discover the depths of their depravity. 

So they reach out to Masters online. they text or email Them, sometimes as often as they can. They may even meet a Master in person and lust after serving Him more. But they never go much farther than that. 

They always have a good reason of course—the time isn’t right, career or family matters are in the way, things like that. The years go by, their bodies start to change, they grow older but not less passionate. Slowly what always seemed possible starts to feel less and less likely. 

What happens to them? Do they come to understand that they have been serving their fears instead of serving their Master? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, their Master/slave relationship has never existed outside of their imaginations. 

their Master/slave relationship never gets made real. And even if it eventually does, what experiences did they miss out on during the years spent avoiding?

None of us know how much time we have in this life. Gay slave Academy exists to encourage you to seize the opportunity you have today. 

you have an opportunity today to take even a little step outside of your comfort zone and thereby expand yourself and your world.  

Today, as every day, you have an opportunity to deepen into slavery. you have the opportunity to move forward on the path of turning your dreams into your reality.

Ready to start turning you dreams into reality slave?

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