Enrollment Application

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Enrollment Application

Two of the things many slaves struggle with is fear and shame around being a slave.

Fear or shame can lead to "running away" behavior like deleting profiles from dating sites, ghosting or blocking Masters after agreeing to meet, flaking on appointments with Men, etc.

Sometimes fear or shame leads GsA slaves to request that We delete their slave training account… only to contact Us a few days later begging Us not to delete. This is NOT good slave behavior because it takes up time and resources that could be used to train slaves that are ready to stop serving heavy feelings and deepen into serving Master instead.

Email Training — Good Email Behaviors for slaves

Consider this your first piece of slave training at Gay slave Academy.

Training a slave is all about communication

Illustration of communication between a Master and slave

That's why most Masters do a lot of training around communication — how to do it, how not to do it, when to do it, when not to do it, etc. — so that you learn to communicate the way Master wants.

Email is Master's communication with you

Red glowing icon of an email

As an online slave training program, email is Our primary way of communicating with you between training lessons.

So We think about email differently than most sites. That makes sense, because most sites are NOT slave training programs, are they?

What's the right way for a slave to treat Master's communications?

Icon of a slave kneeling to a large icon of an email from the GsA Masters, showing proper submission for a slave toward communications from Master

Unlike most businesses, Our mission is not to obtain the most customers, Our mission is to train slaves to serve Men.

This means your usual ideas about email (that make sense with corporations and run of the mill businesses) don't fit at GsA — so you will need to adjust your attitudes about Master's emails in order to succeed at slave training.

We do not primarily think of Our enrollees as "customers" or "users" — if accepted, what you are is a GsA slave trainee.

The GsA Master's emails are not just "emails" — they are Master's communication to you, Our slave trainee. This means you must treat Master's communication with respect at all times. 

your consent is required for slave training

In order to train you, We require your permission to email you. This means that if you unsubscribe from Our emails, your training access is canceled until you ask to resubscribe.

It makes sense, right? Imagine asking a Master to train you, but then expecting Him to do it while gagged. How is He supposed to tell you what to do?

Photo of an attractive Master gagged with silver duct tape. He is looking quizzically up and to the right as if to say, "How is this supposed to work?"

Proper slave behavior for GsA emails

It's important for slave training that:

  1. Our emails get delivered to your inbox successfully.
  2. That you read Our emails.
  3. That you follow Our instructions in the emails.

To facilitate this, you must agree and do the following:

How to opt out (and how NOT to opt out)

Illustration of the concept of opting in and out. A white puzzle is shown with a piece out of place. The empty puzzle piece space is labeled "opt out" and the piece that fits in the space is labeled "opt in"

What should you do if you DON'T want Our emails anymore?

  • you can unsubscribe from marketing emails, but you will still get transactional emails related to your GsA account.
  • you can request to have your account deleted to stop the transactional emails as well. you will still receive transactional emails until your deletion request is processed.

What should you NOT do if you don't want Our emails anymore?

  • you should NOT report Our emails as spam. This can remove you from Our mailing list, which will cancel your access to slave training.

Reporting spam hurts other slaves

Did you know that marking emails as spam or junk can make it harder for other slaves to get Our emails?

That's because it makes it more likely that an email service (such as Gmail or Yahoo) will send other slaves GsA emails to their spam folder instead of their inbox.

Good boy, you're almost done…

Good boy, you made it through. you're ready to submit your application.

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