Jailed January 2024

Welcome to Jailed January!
a challenge to participate in chastity for a full month

How it works:

  1. First, you'll set a personal chastity goal for your Jailed January challenge.
  2. you'll check in each day to keep yourself accountable.
  3. At the end of the month, celebrate your successes and reflect on how to increase your submission to chastity in the future.

1. Set your Jailed January goal

If Master already owns you, you should ask Him if you may participate.

Ask if He wants to set your Jailed January goal or if He prefers that you set your own goal. 

Set yourself up for success: 

  1. Take stock of how much chastity experience you have. 
  2. Then make a goal that pushes you just a little further this month.

Don't set a goal to stay locked 24/7 unless you've got enough experience to be confident you can do it safely and successfully

An illustration of a locked padlock

your goal must be appropriate for your level of chastity experience.

After all, you may or may not be ready for an entire month of 24/7 chastity with no orgasms… yet! 

Example goals

In increasing order of difficulty:

  • Spend 10 minutes a day in a chastity cage
  • Spend each night in chastity
  • Spend each workday in chastity
  • Wear cage 24/7, only orgasm on pre-determined schedule
  • Wear cage 24/7, only orgasm when allowed by keyholder
  • Wear cage 24/7, no orgasms for the month

Which goal is closest to your experience level, but pushes you a little further in the direction of chastity?

2. Keep yourself accountable each day

There are a variety of ways to track your progress and keep yourself accountable:

On The Forums…

All GsA slaves get an invite to The GsA Forums after completing the first two lessons of slave training.


On The GsA Forums, We give a special badge to 🔒 Jailed January participants during the event. Premium members who complete their challenge goal get to keep that badge in their Forums profile as a prize.


Premium members can participate in daily & monthly check-in threads for accountability. your slave brothers are there to support and encourage you. 


In the end-of-month check-in thread, you can celebrate your successes with your slave brothers and reflect on how to increase your submission to chastity in the future.

With Our tracking calendar…

you can use Our Jailed January calendar to keep track of your progress. 

To use, save to your device and draw an X or checkmark over each day you complete.

Image of a January 2024 calendar for tracking chastity challenge participation. Details at https://thegsa.cc/jailedjanuary

There are a few extra challenges sprinkled throughout the month for you to enjoy obeying. 😈

On social media…

😇 Good boys post progress updates on social media to encourage each other to lock up for Master.

📝 you can write about your experiences, post regular updated versions of your tracking calendar to show the world what a good boy you are, and post cage-check pictures to show the world.

🎉 At the end of Jailed January, post your completed tracking calendar to celebrate!

Illustration of boys sharing chastity posts on social media
Illustration of a slave making chastity posts

Example Posts:

  • Now: Share the GsA Jailed January calendar or a link to this page so others can join in.
  • Day 1: Post your Jailed January goal publicly so you are committed to achieving it.
  • Days 7, 14, 21, 28: Post weekly updates, post your checked off Jailed January calendar so everyone can see your progress. 
  • Any time: Share interesting thoughts, experiences, challenges you're experiencing.
  • Day 31: Post your completed Jailed January calendar and celebrate your success! 🎉

Best places to post:

  • Post to Twitter/X with hashtag #jailedjanuary
  • Post Status Updates to FetLife
  • Post on Teamlocked.men
Illustration of social media apps on phone

And that's a wrap!

Have a fantastic and torturous Jailed January!

As always, reach out to Us if you need any help or guidance.

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